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We at the Lilienhof team want you to feel at ease and professional care.

You can focus on your daily work and the successful development of your business.

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Secretarial services: Call, mail and package acceptance and lots more

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Special services in a Business Center

Most connect to a Business Center pure office rental and maybe meeting and conference rooms. Of course, that is the focus, but there are still a lot of services that are not as well known to the public. Therefore, we provide an overview of all interested parties and potential tenants.
In Hamburg Lilienhof business can outsource the entire Secretariat and transmit the Lilienhof office management. Here, every kind of calls is expertly friendly and multilingual call center operative in the company name, answered and – if required – forwarded.
All incoming mail is as prepared as the tenant wishes.
Special services such as translation, service integration, website development or revision of corporate identity are also available and can be used anytime when needed.
Visitors/clients or customers of each company are received personally by the Office team and cared for.
Of course, also need not worry about the technical aspects such as printers, faxes, internet connections and VoIP telephony. This take over our specialists.
Would you like to find out more about it?
Then come and see us now. Here you will find everything you can expect from a professional office service, and perhaps even that little bit extra.
As an innovative Business Center which demands something special, we can offer you custom business solutions spread over four floors.
We would be delighted to help you should you have any questions, individual requests or suggestions:
Phone +49 (40)20 93 210-0 or e-mail
Try and visualise it for yourself – we look forward to your call, your e-mail or your visit!

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